Examination and diagnostic services

A proper and complete examination is the key to discovering the cause of your pain and/or discomfort. Frequently we discover other problems that may be causing chronic illness or long forgotten injuries. These need to be addressed to provide the best care for you.

  • Spinal Evaluation

    A thorough examination and evaluation of spinal function is mandatory for proper care. Starndard orthopedic tests and evaluation techniques provide answers to your problems.

  • Health History

    A thorough history of your health problems as well as those in your immediate family may reveal the answer to "WHY" you have problems. We strive to find the answer to your health questions.

  • Treatment techniques

    Diversified Techniques - Classic chiropractic Trigger point and deep muscle therapy - Muscle relaxation techniques Foot adjusting - Classic chiropody type treatments for foot pain TMJ Adjusting - Technique for pain or popping in the jaw joint(s) Sports Injuries - Treatment of sports related injuries, without drugs or surgery