No doctor can be everything to everyone, so our office has concentrated on helping those with special problems. Besides athletic injuries, we also treat small children, patients with failed back surgery syndrome, geriatric patients with osteoporois and patients with specific foot problems. All of our care is non-surgical and we refer to other qualified health care personnel for conditions that are out of our realm of treatment.

Scheduling an appointment with our office is as simple as calling 626/286-8200.Our normal hours are 9:15 to 5:30, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. We break for lunch between 11:30 and 3:00, so Dr. Martin can teach his classes.

Doc, got a payment plan?
Our office accepts liens only on accident cases. If you have other types of coverage, you must pay for your visits as you go. A superbill will be provided to submit to your other insurance carrier. Due to the passing of SB 899 we only accept worker's compensation cases with prior approval from the carrier or MPN.

It is a sorry state when HMO's and PPO's and non licensed personnel can dictate the type of treatment that you need instead of the decision being made by you and your doctor. Therefore, we have chosen to not be a part of the managed care system, and instead have chosen to give quality care at a reasonable fee. No one should be allowed to make decisions about your health care except yourself. If you have no other insurance carrier or no insurance at all, we will work with you to provide an easy way to pay for care. Our office accepts Visa, Discover, American Express and Mastercard as well as personal checks.



What techniques do you use?

The Chiropractic Adjustment (sometimes called manipulation) is the mode of treatment used at our office. We do not rely on physical therapy machines to get you well, we allow for the natural health of the body to come forward and do the healing. We may ask you to apply ice or heat to your condition at home. Sports injuries may require taping or bracing while healing, and foot problems may need specialized shoe inserts (orthotics).

If you are deficient in vitamins or minerals, we may make suggestions to help you. We can provide homeopathic remedies for accepted treatment of diseases.

At our Chiropractic Office we offer:
Cox Technique - A gentle low back flexion-distraction movement technique
Sacro-Occipital Technique - A low force reflexive technique
Activator Methods - Adjustment with a light force instrument
Motion Palpation - Movement technique for determining limited movement
Diversified Techniques - Classic chiropractic
Trigger point therapy - Muscle relaxation techniques
Deep muscle therapy - Deep tissue pressure to tax tight muscles
Foot adjusting - Classic chiropody type treatments for foot pain
TMJ Adjusting - Technique for pain or popping in the jaw joint(s)
Sports Injuries - Treatment of sports related injuries, without drugs or surgery

Low Level Laser - Our office is a certified treatment center for low level laser, also known as "cold" laser. Laser treatments are shown to promote healing and are utilized in the treatment of injuries to the muscles and ligaments, to accelerate healing. Some conditions that are helped by laser are carpal tunnel syndrome, fibrous tissue development, scar tissue (surgical) healing, and various sports injuries.


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