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Dr. Kenneth Martin has provided drugless, non-surgical, quality chiropractic care to the San Gabriel Valley for over 35 years. Our office also provides occupational and private drug testing with the most modern testing source available.

Along with Dr. Martin, also practicing in our office is Dr. Gabriel Marichi and we have recently added Dr. Richard Kilbas. Dr. Kilbas has retired, but his patients and his files are kept at our office. He occasionally will treat patients when his schedule allows.

We pride ourselves in providing the best care for the patient without interference from outside sources, so we handle NO MANAGED CARE! Insurance companies and untrained individuals (especially non chiropractors) will not dictate to you what care you can or cannot receive, as you can choose the healthcare you feel is best for your individual situation.
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Our office is located in Temple City, in the heart of the west San Gabriel Valley.

Dr. Kenneth E. Martin - Chiropractor
& Occupational Healthcare Testing
9130 Las Tunas Drive
Temple City, CA 91780
Ph: 626-286-8200

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