Who is DEK Productions? (and why are they here?)

In 1986, two chiropractors and fellow computer nerds, Dr. Kenneth Martin and Dr. Dan Scharfman took their love of computers and their skill of repairing them, into the world as DeeCee Computers. With the formation of this company, they began to help their fellow chiropractic doctors and other professionals in installing, upgrading and repairing of computer hardware.

Through numerous contacts, DeeCee computers was able to save their clients over 35% on retail purchases and on repairs and upgrade, since a lot was done just for the fun of dabbling in computer innards.

Unfortunately in 1994, Dr. Scharfman was unable to continue in the company, and Dr. Martin was delving into HTML programming for the newest thing, the World Wide Web. DeeCee Computers was no more, but clients still called for work to be done.

During the period of 1989 to present, Dr. Martin had been producing , directing, writing and performing in a public access show for the San Gabriel Valley Chiropractic Society, Staying Healthy , which aired on Charter Communications Public Access channel.

To find a vehicle to distribute these three distinct properties into one, a production company was formed in 1996, DEK Productions! With a full digital editing studio for video, advanced study of HTML and graphics, and the upgrading and repair knowledge of DeeCee computers as background (as well as a guarentee of satisfaction), DEK Productions became a full functioning reality.

Our television shows were produced and aired, our Web pages were on the Net, and our reputation as repair and upgrade specialists continued to bring more work to our shop. As the needs of the internet grew, less and less of the repair and upgrade was performed, so in 1999, the last show was produced and in 2001, the last repair was performed and DEK productions was solely into web page design.

Besides this website, here are some of our designs:


Dr. Martin became interested in personal computers in 1976 when he bought his first Apple II (with cassette interface) and learned to program in Basic. He graduated to an Apple II GS later, then to Mac's and then to PC's and back to Macs. Learning programming is still an important aspect of computers, and Dr. Martin is studying advanced HTML programming. All work for DEK Productions is done with Macromedia products, such as Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Flash, because they do not use Front Page Extensions (FPE) which are known to crash some browsers. He is currently working with Mac OS X which is based on UNIX and BSD.

DEK Productions can be reached by email at bacdoc@juno.com, by fax at 626/286-7552 or with a call to Dr. Martin at 626/286-8200.

9130 Las Tunas Drive
Temple City, CA 91780
626/286-8200 FAX 626/286-7552

Questions? Comments? Work requests? Email me at bacdoc@juno.com

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